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Go! Martial Arts

Team Chinese Martial arts delivers high-impact, interactive management learning.  By combining Push-hands, the elemental movement of Chinese Martial arts with innovative training techniques, participants can learn quickly, emotionally and deeply.

This activity will empower your entire team, using its unique interactive methodology that demands concentration, teamwork, communication, creativity and leadership from all participants.

All programs are custom-made to suit the specific needs of each client and have been designed to ensure unlimited scope for flexibility and innovation.

Our coaches are well-experienced who practice Chinese Martial arts many years to demonstrate to participants the enduring relevance of fundamental human values in all aspects of life.

Whether your goal is to feel the magic of being in tune, well aligned and team harmony, develop the strengths of team roles and diversities toward common goal, integrate and align team vision and values, enrich and recognize individual strengths and spirit, demonstrate best collaboration and high spirit, our team Chinese Martial arts program will deliver tangible, relevant results- with


  • To furnish “WOW” effect for elating
  • To create memorable experience of participants
  • To bring along the learning insights
  • To transform them toward common goals ahead

Location : Indoor / outdoor
Capacity : 20 - 150


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