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About SEED



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SEED, founded in 2002, specializes in corporate training, team building, corporate consultation, Branding strategy and Branding consultation in local and oversea.  Since its conception the SEED has gone from strength to strength offering a wide range of training program and consultation services. Our clients from fortune 500 MNC to local SME, including HKJC, HSBC, CitiBank, DBS, BASF, J&J, Dior, Subcrew, etc.

To create new and innovative ideas for corporate is a challenge we enjoy and we are aware that our services and flexibility are paramount for our clients.


  • Provide unconventional and innovative products and service to each client to experience the best.
  • Unleashes participant's passion and talent in the program, which get with great gusto.

  • Build the trust and long lasting relationships with each of our clients.


  • Accomplish the unexpected solution by introducing the innovative and well organized training programs 
  • Execute signature programs to achieve our clients’ expectation
  • Initiate a flexible, unique and inspiring corporate training program for all clients.


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