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Communicate Enlightenment For Management


Business is about relationships, and relationships are about communication. We will make spoken communication and behaviour a competitive advantage for you and your business.

Communicate Enlightenment Workshop 1


(Format: Evening Workshop 2.5hrs)


An oral presentation can be short and to-the-point, but it can also be complex. Regardless of whether your presentation is formal or informal, you want to get your message or opinion across.


This 2.5 hour workshop is designed for professionals who wish to structure their presentation in a concise and engaging way.

​Communicate Enlightenment Workshop 2
Impactful Presentation Skill

(Format: One Day Workshop 8hrs )

This workshop is designed for professionals who wish to deliver clear and well-structured presentations to clients, business partners or teams.


Through this training, the participants are geared to present their message in a confident and effective way.

Communicate Enlightenment Workshop 3
Art of Coaching for Managers

(Format: One Day Workshop 8hrs )



As team players and as managers, it is imperative that we empower and motivate our peers in reaching their full potential to develop skills competence that can enhance their work performance.


This training is targeted for those who wish to hone their Coaching skills in order to develop their team members more effectively to improve productivity at work.

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