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Dynamic Teambuilding - Go! Series

We integrate sport activities into teambuilding training section that can raise all participants’ enthusiasm with vigor atmosphere and motivate them work together to trace the common goal as good as company’s goals.

Go! Fence

GO! Fence is a fun and original way of building team spirit, making important decisions, working under pressure and improving communication amongst teams.

Go! Olympics

GO! Olympics aims to facilitate the participants to have fun, enrich sense of competition, enhance team trust, , and create ONE TEAM Synergy in a fun, enlightening and physical challenging process.

Go! Chinese Martial

GO! Chinese Martial arts will empower your entire team, using its unique interactive methodology that demands concentration, teamwork, communication, creativity and leadership from all participants.

Go! Sprint

GO! Sprint has a combination of social, physical and training benefits for every participant, whether the sport itself is a team or individually scored discipline.

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